Credomatic Gives Back

As trustees of Chamber South, this past weekend Credomatic participated in the annual Military Affairs Bowling Tournament. Credomatic was one of the key sponsors to the event where we team up with a military veteran, and bowl for the first place trophy.


Jimmy, Raul, and myself were paired up with our new friend Ivan. Ivan is originally from Texas, has been in the service for roughly 20 years. He has been stationed in South Korea,Germany,Belgium, Texas, and is now serving the end of his three year station at the US  Southern Command (SouthCOM) in Doral. This July, he is being transferred back to Germany to continue his service with the US Military.

Surprisingly, Ivan was also an incredible bowler! After bowling three games, the Credomatic team got second place out of 15 teams! We bowled a total 1596!!!

Here’s the proof (For those that question our greatness):



We had a great time representing our company.