Data Breach Protection



In 2012, at least 44 million personal records were compromised by data breach – and that number is expected to grow in the future. What’s more, more than 30 percent of those breaches targeted businesses in retail, hospitality and other customer-driven industries, which means that your business is at risk. The fines, assessments and expenses merchants are obligated to pay, even if a breach of credit card data is only suspected could cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, the average cost of a Level 4 mechant breach is $38,000. 2012,

What is covered?

  • The mandatory forensic audit required by the Payment Card industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when a data breach is suspected (this audit confirms whether an actual breach has occured and pinpoints where systems are most vulnerable).
  • Credit card replacement costs and related expenses.
  • Assessments and fines levied by card sponsors for data breaches
  • Data breaches caused by employee dishonesty and/or the physical theft of data, as well as computer hacking

Simple 3-step claim process

  1. Follow the easy-to-use link within ControlScan’s merchant portal to start the claim process.
  2. Upload or fax the appropriate notice that stipulates there has been a suspected or actual breach at your location.
  3. When the forensic audit is complete, upload or fax a copy of the assessor’s invoice.

Breach Protection Program Limits:

  • Level 2,3 and 4 merchants are covered regardless of PCI DSS compliance.
  • Policy limit up to $100,000 per MID, per year;
    up to 10 MIDs and $500,000 per year.
  • No deductible.
  • No co-pay.
  • No underwriting of indivdual merchants.



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Head of Key Accounts

Mike Vestal
Regional Head