Employee Highlight Cristhian Garcia – Merchant Services Manager

Credomatic Merchant Services prides itself on delivering the best customer service for its merchant’s needs. This team is led by Cristhian Garcia, who has been with Credomatic for over 4 years. Cristhian has a deep understanding of the merchant services business as she began her career with the company on the Sales Team as a Relationship Manager. After excelling in her role, she was promoted to her current position as Manager of Merchant Services.

Credomatic Merchant Services: How do you emphasize customer service excellence to your team?

Cristhian: We at Credomatic Merchant Services emphasize customer service excellence by teamwork, whatever it takes, passion for what we do, commitment, integrity, but most importantly create a pleasant environment that is transmitted to every customer we communicate with.

Credomatic Merchant Services: Please give an example of how your team has been able to go above and beyond to assist a merchant?

Cristhian: Credomatic Merchant Services always goes above and beyond to assist our customers. It can be something small like showing them how to print a detail report of their daily transactions or completing a major project including programming over 100 terminals and conducting on site installations and trainings at merchant locations. Our view is that is does not matter how big or small, all of our customers are treated with the same respect and courtesy.

Credomatic Merchant Services: What do you enjoy most about being the Manager of Credomatic’s Merchant Services team?

Cristhian: Being Manager of Credomatic Merchant Services Department is very rewarding. We are a great team doing great things. I enjoy learning new things everyday that educate me and gives me the experience I need to be able to assist and understand the needs of our merchants. At the end of the day what I enjoy the most and what gives me the most satisfaction is knowing that our merchants have the peace of mind they deserve to know that they are taken care of by a reputable company that understands their needs.