Credomatic Merchant Services is proud to be the Processor of Choice of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. As part of this esteemed designation, local business have put their trust in our company. Tarpon Bend, an invitingly casual restaurant with just the right blend of great food and lively ambiance, has partnered with Credomatic as their merchant processor. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne Cameron Eldred, Owner of Tarpon Bend, about his experience thus far with Credomatic.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: You are one of the most popular restaurants in Coral Gables. What prompted you to start processing with Credomatic?

TARPON BEND: I believe that being involved in the community is a must. As such, I am a member of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is very well regarded in the Coral Gables business community. As I attended the events, I would see the Credomatic Relationship Managers time and time again. Eventually, I became well acquainted with them and decided to give them an opportunity to become my merchant processor.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: What is your overall impression of processing with Credomatic?

TARPON BEND: Credomatic has been able to differentiate themselves by continuing to deliver the great customer service that they extended to me from Day 1. Many businesses tend to become absent after service has commenced, but Credomatic has always been there to ensure all my needs are being met and addressed. The company has become a true business partner aligned with my business goals.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: Would you recommend Credomatic to other merchants who are looking for a new processor?

TARPON BEND: Absolutely, and I have already done so on numerous occasions.