Electronic Gift Card and Loyalty Program

How will electronic gift cards help grow your business?

shoppingbagsThe use of electronic gift cards is becoming increasingly popular among merchants in all industries. Merchants are realizing that this is a tool to increase their bottom line and improve customer loyalty and brand exposure:

  • Customers pre-pay for gift cards, thus increasing the business’s cash flow
  • Gift-card holders typically spend more than the value of the card itself
  • Retained gift card balances and reloadable cards lead to repeat visits, increased sales, leading to stronger customer loyalty
  • Electronic gift card remains in your customer’s wallet as a constant advertisement of your business

How to Get Started?
Get ready to toss your paper gift certificates and replace them with our exclusive electronic gift cards. Choose your gift card design, card holder and merchandising kit and watch your sales grow. You can choose from a large variety of featured designs, including:

  • General
  • Dining
  • Seasonal and Events
  • Retail and Services
  • Health and Home

In addition, you can also create a customized electronic gift card featuring your own company logo. This will improve your brand exposure to your customers.