Interview with Frank Encalada, Owner of Divino Ceviche

On the afternoon of October 17th, 2013, Credomatic Merchant Services had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Encalada, one of our distinguished merchants and partners. Divino Ceviche is a Peruvian restaurant focusing on exquisite and authentic ceviche. Divino Ceviche has locations in Doral and Coral Gables (opening November 1, 2012).

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: How did you find out about Credomatic Merchant Services and what made you change your merchant processing to Credomatic?

DIVINO CEVICHE: A fellow merchant recommended Credomatic Merchant Services, in particular the Relationship Manager, Tania Tamayo. I allowed her to perform a rate review on my current merchant processing statement. Since I had been with my former processor for 2 years, I was interested to see if there was some way Tania could help my rate. As it turns out, she was able to analyze my current statement and find me savings, so I decided to switch processors.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: What has impressed you thus far about Credomatic?

DIVINO CEVICHE: I really liked how Tania was able to show me specifically how the fees are accounted for in the processing statement and how the savings would be reflected. She took the time to go over the statement line by line so that I fully understood the process. In addition, Credomatic has not only been able to process my credit card transactions, but has also become a true business partner. Tania and I have been able to refer each other business and have developed a very good working relationship.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: How has your relationship manager, Tania Tamayo, helped you thus far in the transition from your former processor to Credomatic?

DIVINO CEVICHE: Tania was able to make the transition very smooth. The onboarding process was easy. In fact, when I received my first Credomatic processing statement, Tania was able to explain to me in person how the savings she had previously described were actually reflected. Tania is very responsive to my business needs. She was able to resolve an issue for the business at 11pm, which impressed me and I was very thankful.

CREDOMATIC MERCHANT SERVICES: Would you recommend Credomatic to other merchants who are looking for a new processor or a rate review?

DIVINO CEVICHE: Absolutely! I have already recommended Credomatic Merchant Services to other merchants. Credomatic has taken one step further and shown an incredible community involvement. Tania has taken an active role in the Peruvian Gastronomy Association (PGA). Her volunteer efforts in this organization are much appreciated to help the Peruvian restaurant community.