Merchant Express Extends Their Merchant Services To Small Online Businesses

With advancements in internet technology, retail stores have also become part of the internet marketplace. However, one of the common problems that both online shoppers and sellers experience is the limited payment options that are offered by small businesses. Some of these payment options include bank deposits and cash on delivery. This somehow defeats the purpose of convenience for online shoppers because they need to make time to run to the bank to deposit their payment or wait for their package to be delivered so they can pay for it. This limits the potential revenues that small online businesses can make, thus halting the expansion possibilities for the company. The best solution for this is to sign up for merchant services so that they would be able to offer a wider range of payment options to their customers.

Merchant Express, a credit card processing service provider, has now extended their business to be able to accommodate small online businesses who are in need of a merchant services provider. Their team is committed to providing businesses with a fair and professional service that is equally beneficial to both parties. They understand that small business owners cannot afford to pay high service charges for every credit card payment that they accept, which is why Merchant Express has developed various tiers that are suitable for businesses of any size.

When you visit their website, you can see a table that contains a breakdown of the fees they charge their clients and a comparison of their rates with other merchant account service providers. This company stands out among others in the industry because they do not charge additional fees for signing up for their services. Furthermore, they provide round the clock quality customer service for all of their clients. This is a great advantage to start up online businesses because they are assured that they will be receiving the same quality of service as the owners of well-established stores.