Personalized Service

The dedicated service that you will receive with Credomatic is at the cornerstone of what makes the company unique. The goal is to establish a long-term relationship with merchants, truly understand their business models and offer products that will increase their bottom line.

Stock Photo by Sean Locke

Relationship Manager: Imagine having your very own consultant walking you through the entire Merchant Services process.


Easy Account Set-Up:  Credomatic can have your merchant account set up and fully operational in minimal time so you can begin to serve your customers with Credit Card transactions.


Online Access: View up-to-date and historical account information using Credomatic’s online account management tool. Your accountant will thank you.


Transparent Pricing: No more guessing rates. With Credomatic, you know exactly how much you are paying in credit card processing fees through easy to read statements.


PCI Compliance: Credomatic is your partner to ensure that your business is certified and updated with PCI compliance regulations.