Wireless and Mobile Phone Applications

Credomatic offers the latest wireless and mobile technology to ensure that your transactions are secure and efficient, even when you are on the road.

VeriFone VX680 Terminal:

verifone VX680

Carry brilliance and complete transactions in a small, portable, handheld device – the VX 680. Merchants on the move, from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal consumer waiting time.
The VX 680 boasts a powerful processor for ultimate processing speed. Merchants using the VX 680 keep lines moving so consumers don’t have to wait. Comes with a 3.5″ touch display of vibrant color and backed by the VX Evolution platform.

VeriFone’s VX 680 3G is equipped with HSPA+ 3G, making it one of the fastest portable, handheld payment devices on the market today. The increased speed allows merchants to download apps and software upgrades quickly. With 3G, devices will have a large enough bandwidth to download colorful graphics, pictures and videos quickly onto the POS display, enhancing the user experience. If you choose to add GPS, you can track your fleet of devices in the field or place territory limitations, giving you peace of mind. The VX 680 3G is the way to go to maximize performance and power up your business potential.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to Hold and Handle: The VX 680 is a small, full-function, portable, handheld payment device with a large, color, touch screen. NFC-enabled for contactless card to mobile device payments. Durable and adaptable for different merchants and the most demanding retail environments
  • Portable Innovation: The VX 680 is ideal for merchants on the go and pay-at-the-table scenarios, enabling you to accept payment wherever your customers are. Ample memory supports applications allowing merchants to offer a customized payment experience, including coupons and loyalty programs.
  • Color and Touch: A touch screen with intuitive buttons allows your customers to interact directly with the VX 680 without handing over their credit cards. The color screen can also display engaging graphics, logos or promotional messages for added customer engagement.

Ingenico IWL 255 Terminal:

The secure iWL series lets you accept all electronic payments quickly and easily – in the store or on the road, long or short range. The iWL series represents the smallest, lightest and most convenient payment devices on the market. Garden centers, warehouses, showrooms, home deliveries, pop-up stores, curbside checkouts and more…wherever your sale takes place, count on the iWL range of products for unparalleled speed and versatility. The 255 model comes with GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity.

Key Benefits:

  • The industry’s first wireless devices to operate on AT&T’s 3G Wireless Network.
  • Built on the market-leading Telium2 technology platform with a dual processor architecture.
  • Meets the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards.
  • Supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.
  • Specifically designed for mobility and leverages advanced cellular, wireless and offline technologies, including GPRS, Bluetooth and 3G as well as RS232 and USB wired interfaces.
  • Offers comfortable, hand-held design and intuitive customer applications to make transactions fast and easy.
  • Gives options to accept any and all forms of payment including MSR credit and debit, EMV chip & PIN, store-value cards, mobile NFC and contactless systems such as MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave.
  • Comes with payment technologies already embedded with no need to add on component upgrades.

Mobile Phone Applications:

Be able to use your mobile phone (IOS or ANDROID) and process credit cards using the following applications:

Mobile Payment Acceptance

Merchants who serve their customers in the home or on the go need point-of-sale solutions that are simple, reliable and secure. Mobile Payment Acceptance is a mobile-device-based application providing card payment acceptance anywhere wireless service is available – so merchants can do business wherever, whenever.

Mobile Payment Acceptance Features:

  • Swiped or manual transactions
  • Signature debit
  • Digital signature capture
  • Optional card readers and printers
  • E-mail and/or printed receipts
  • V-Code and Address Verification System
  • Instant access to real-time reporting
  • Secured with point-to-point encryption
  • SSL transactions w/128-bit encryption
  • Seamlessly integrated compliance updates

ID Tech Shuttle Mobile MagStripe Reader

Once the Mobile Payment Acceptance application is installed in your mobile device, you will use the ID Tech Shuttle to plug into the mobile phone jack to be able to swipe credit cards. The Shuttle is a two-track, encryption capable magnetic stripe reader that works with a wide variety of mobile platforms, including Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Use your mobile device to read credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, and ID badges. The Shuttle reads up to 2 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction, providing superior reading performance for your mobile device. Mobile device not included.