Touch Screen POS Solutions

Do you already have a POS system set up for your business?
You can now integrate Credomatic’s payment processing into your existing industry standard PC-POS hardware. Our network is compatible with many payment solutions and software providers.

Need a new Touch Screen POS solution?
Credomatic offers a complete suite of POS hardware and software solutions tailored to a variety of industries. Your dedicated Relationship Manager will help you determine which of the following solutions is best suited for your business:

Restaurants: Focus POS, Ordyx, Ambur
POS Retail: Global Bay Merchant

POS solutions can help run your business more efficiently and immediately benefit from features including:

  • Speed up check-out time with built-in transaction processing
  • Check prices, inventory availability and stock location with ease
  • Create tailored sales programs to drive store traffic
  • Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on store operations
  • Prompt cashiers regarding cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for increased average ticket sale
  • Track customer visits and purchase histories to offer more personalized service
  • Identify sales trends in every department and category to optimize stock levels