Relationship Manager Highlight Tania Tamayo

In this edition of Credomatic’s newsletter, we would like to highlight one of our esteemed Relationship Managers. Credomatic believes that a Relationship Manager needs to be filled with passion for the merchant, keeping service a top priority. Tania Tamayo, a Credomatic Relationship Manager that has been with the company for over 3 years, does just that. Tania came to Credomatic with industry experience, and continues to learn more about the merchant processing arena to better serve her merchants.

Credomatic Merchant Services: Tania, how do you handle onboarding a new merchant?

Tania: I am a firm believer that there are two components that a merchant must look for when choosing a processor: rate and service. I take the time to ensure that the merchant understands how the rate is derived and plays a role in negotiating it. This way, the merchant feels confident that they are getting the best possible rate. As far as service is concerned, I tell the merchant that I am truly dedicated to each account and I will attend to their needs promptly and effectively.

Credomatic Merchant Services: Can you give us some examples of your dedication to customer service?

Tania: There are many. For starters, when an account is new, I take the time to review their first Credomatic statement with them so they truly understand how the fees are calculated and show them any savings if they had moved processors to come to Credomatic. I also take pride in being available to my merchants in times of need. For example, there have been many times that I have spoken and visited merchants on Saturdays or Sundays in order to solve any issues. It is nice to know merchants value this dedication and commitment.

Credomatic Merchant Services: Why do you enjoy working at Credomatic Merchant Services?

Tania: I like that Credomatic Merchant Services is located in Miami and is easily accessible. Merchants know that they have many ways to contact support at the company, whether through myself or by calling our Customer Service team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, Credomatic invests in its employees and its merchants. The company makes my job much easier since I can tell merchants with confidence that they can believe in me, in Credomatic, and look forward to a fulfilling business partnership.