For small business’s, having the ability to have a merchant service provider 24 hours a day and the ability to them to respond in seconds is a must. When I switched to Credomatic in 2010, a big worry for me and my business was erased. The thought of having a representative from this company made my void disappear. I always speak to someone and never feel like a number. I always get help instantly, instead of leaving my name and number. Frames USA is proud to have this company on it’s side.

This company has led the Miami community through it’s constant support of both Chamber South and Coral Gables Chamber involvement and created special programs for it’s members. Over the years, I have developed great respect for this company and it’s efforts. It’s ambitious employees and will to work hard for it’s clients, that make me testify that they have my business forever. As a picture frame shop working hard in developing my retail as well as my eCommerce sites, Credomatic is their to help me grow.

Frames USA & Art Gallery
Adam Brand – Owner



Processing credit cards with Credomatic Merchant Services has been a great experience. The company is trustworthy and my Relationship Manager has helped me through the boarding process so that I feel more comfortable accepting credit cards. My cash flow has increased about 35%, since now tuition is paid monthly instead of weekly. Credomatic gave me a very good rate but I am very happy with the service and personal attention that they give to my business.

Whiz Kidz Early Learning Enrichment Center
Howard Ross – Owner



I became familiar with Credomatic through my involvement at the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is very well regarded in the Coral Gables business community. As I attended the events, I would see the Credomatic Relationship Managers time and time again. Eventually, I became well acquainted with them and decided to give them an opportunity to become my merchant processor.
Credomatic has been able to differentiate themselves by continuing to deliver the great customer service that they extended to me from Day 1. Many businesses tend to become absent after service has continued, but Credomatic has always been there to ensure all my needs are being met and addressed. The company has become a true business partner aligned with my business goals. I have already Credomatic to other merchants on numerous occasions.

Tarpon Bend Restaurant
Wayne Cameron Eldred, Owner



A fellow merchant recommended Credomatic Merchant Services, in particular the Relationship Manager, Tania Tamayo. I allowed her to perform a rate review on my current merchant processing statement. Since I had been with my former processor for 2 years, I was interested to see if there was some way Tania could help my rate. As it turns out, she was able to analyze my current statement and find me savings, so I decided to switch processors.

I really liked how Tania was able to show me specifically how the fees are accounted for in the processing statement and how the savings would be reflected. She took the time to go over the statement line by line so that I fully understood the process. In addition, Credomatic has not only been able to process my credit card transactions, but has also become a true business partner. Tania and I have been able to refer each other business and have developed a very good working relationship.

Tania was able to make the transition very smooth. The onboarding process was easy. In fact, when I received my first Credomatic processing statement, Tania was able to explain to me in person how the savings she had previously described were actually reflected. Tania is very responsive to my business needs. She was able to resolve an issue for the business at 11pm, which impressed me and I was very thankful.

I have already recommended Credomatic Merchant Services to other merchants. Credomatic has taken one step further and shown an incredible community involvement. Tania has taken an active role in the Peruvian Gastronomy Association (PGA). Her volunteer efforts in this organization are much appreciated to help the Peruvian restaurant community.

Divino Ceviche Restaurant
Frank Encalada, Owner



Lil ‘Rascals Academy, with 8 locations in Broward County, struggled with credit card processing fees and customer service with a number of credit card processing companies over the years.

We were fortunate enough to have been approached by Credomatic of Florida 3 years ago. As promised, Credomatic, true to their word, saved us more than 50% in processing fees. Additionally, they have continuously strived to save us money with their quarterly review of our account and their excellent customer service.

Because they are a local company, when there is a glitch or problem, they resolve it with hours of our call to them. Their commitment to excellent customer service, low processing fees is what makes them stand apart from all other companies.

Lil’ Rascals Academy
Mary DiCaterino, Controller



“The selection of Credomatic will facilitate the secure processing of our members’

credit card transactions, both through our website and at the actual events.

Credomatic’s expertise is what gave us the confidence to choose them. They offer innovative payment solutions and a high level of customer service through their dedicated relationship managers,” Trowbridge added. “In addition, their impressive track record of competitive and transparent pricing has provided an invaluable resource to all of our members.”

-Mark Trowbridge, CEO
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service you have provided. In addition I would like to praise Credomatic itself on their pricing and their excellent level of professional service. I will definitely recommend you and Credomatic to all of my peers. Thank you.-Idalmis Mesa-Zeledon
Cardiovascular Interventions of Miam


To Whom it may Concern.
We have been using Credomatic for the past 4-5 months. Not only have we saved some monies in the procesing of the credits and debits cards, but the customer service has been excellent. Prior company never contacted us and we never had the opportunity of meeting any of the representatives, who in this case are keeping us apprised of the changes, charges and market trends. We would recommend Credomatic to all our friends and business associates. Joe Herrera has been extremely helpful in explaining how the system works and what can we do to protect ourselves from rip-offs in the business world.Sincerely,
Juan Valdes-Fauli