Credomatic Merchant Services is proud to announce a strategic partnership with MICROS Systems, Inc., a global market leader in the hospitality and retail industry sectors. MICROS delivers the ultimate technology in Point of Sale (POS) systems that deliver a unique level of solution’s integration.

Aside from the industry dominating Workstation 5A (WS5A), their POS terminal, the company is featuring the mStation with the mobile mTablet. This portable POS touchscreen solution delivers versatility, mobility, durability and elegance. Merchant can now use the mTable docked onto the mStation or in a mobile manner.

Merchant will also be amazed at the information they can learn through the use of mymicros.net Reporting. This reporting feature is a robust reporting engine that generates easy-to-view online reports.

Contact your Relationship Manager or Merchant Services Customer Service team for more information on how you can save on Micros products through your affiliation with Credomatic Merchant Services.